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Winner of the 2019 AmeriStar Award!

The Clearly Clean Roll Over-Wrap™ Tray is the world’s only patented 100% recyclable, smooth-edge overwrap tray for food products.  Clearly Clean’s trays are marked with the #1 resin code, which signifies the most recyclable plastic. This FDA-compliant PET tray features a proprietary rolled edge for overwrap and vacuum skin packaging (VSP) films.  

Clearly Clean’s Roll Over-Wrap™ Trays, produced in both a processor grade and a supermarket grade, can be utilized for fresh meat, poultry, seafood, and produce – and customized in terms of size, thickness, shape, and color. They are available with or without pads.


PET-vs-Styrofoam strength

Reduce product loss and increase customer satisfaction:

  • The proprietary smooth-edge mitigates leakers during production and transportation.

  • This tray is three times stronger than Styrofoam.  

  • It will not break during transportation and will not bow tie due to weak walls.
  • It will withstand high-speed processors without a loss in structural strength.
  • You can confidently rework the trays as many times as necessary.

Make a quick and easy change from polystyrene or polypropylene (PP):

  • Clearly Clean’s trays can immediately replace all plastic foam trays on high-speed packaging machinery; there is no need to change equipment.

Make the product the center of attention:

  • The tray comes in multiple colors, including crystal clear. This option allows the product to be the focal point of the tray and enables it to be examined from all angles, which studies have proven is preferred by Millennials (soon to be the largest working / living population).

Maximum shelf appeal:

  • Our trays will make your product stand out from the competition.  Words used to describe their look include “clean,” “fresh,” and “different.”  Aren’t these words that you would want associated with your brand? Your customers will notice a difference – and so will future generations.

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Our Clients

Clearly Clean’s clients include food processors, grocery chains, and packaging distributors.