Clearly Clean began implementing its pandemic response plan in late January / early February, when reports were only just surfacing about the coronavirus.  As such, the company was able to get ahead of many of the issues that have impacted other businesses — and was even able to donate masks to community first responders.  Below is a list of some of the actions taken and process changes implemented:

  • Limit in-person interaction
    • No shift overlapping: Although Clearly Clean operates 24-hour, 7-day-a-week facilities, the company now places a gap of time in between when one shift leaves and the next reports to work. This means shutting down equipment at the end of the shifts and starting them up at the beginning. This also means no overtime or working on different shifts.
    • No mingling: Clearly Clean has numerous locations, but travel between locations is prohibited. An employee must stay in the building to which he or she is assigned. All meetings are conducted through conference calls. And, an employee must follow a designated path from the main entrance, to the time clock, to the production floor, and to the break room.
    • Social distancing: All employees are required to stay six feet away from one other.
    • Self-quarantine: Anyone experiencing symptoms or anyone who lives with a known positive person must stay at home.
    • Outside parties: No one other than Clearly Clean employees may enter building.  Truck drivers are not allowed in the buildings for any reason.
  • Aggressive sanitizing schedule
    • Plant employees: Employees are required to sanitize their hands when entering the building and wash their hands at designated sinks before entering production.  All employees are required to sanitize their entire work area surfaces with isopropyl alcohol (at least 70%) every hour.
    • Plant management: Management must sanitize all common areas from the main entrance door to the break room.
  • Personal protective equipment
    • Gloves: Gloves have always been mandatory, but they still need to be mentioned. Gloves are required at all times when handling any finished product. If gloves are worn for long periods of time, the use of isopropyl alcohol is recommended to keep them clean.
    • Masks: Clearly Clean requires that all employees wear masks.
    • Glasses: Either safety shields or safety glasses are mandatory.

The health and well being of Clearly Clean employees and our clients are of utmost importance, and the company will take any necessary precautions to ensure their safety, including reassessing these procedures as required.