Strengths – PET vs. Styrofoam

Clearly Clean PET trays are more than twice as strong as styrofoam…no more bow tying.

Clearly Clean PET trays provide superior strength to Styrofoam. Clearly Clean trays will not break during production or transportation. High-speed processors will be able to use Clearly Clean PET trays multiple times during production without breaking and without a loss in structural strength.



Clearly Clean PET over-wrap trays run easily on Denester’s.

Clearly Clean PET over-wrap trays can immediately replace all Styrofoam trays on high-speed packaging machinery. You don’t need to change equipment to move to a sustainable tray. Clearly Clean trays are a plug and play options with benefits.

David Waldrop of the Waldrop Company tested sample trays on the Screw Denester and Rotating Shaft Denester and said they ran well.  The setup specs used were as follows:

Rotating Shaft Denester used was a .230 Deep Shaft No Bevel and 18 Tray Guide Spacer and Picker Fingers with No Knife Edge.
Screw Denester used was a .250 Thick Peeler Plates.

Clearly Clean PET over-wrap trays being tested on the Waldrop Company’s Model 125 Rotating Shaft Denester.