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Clearly Clean Roll Over-Wrap

The Clearly Clean Roll Over-Wrap™ Tray is the world’s first recyclable PET food tray.  The tray’s superior strength can withstand the demands of the rigors of high-speed packaging equipment again and again minimizing tray waste. The proprietary rolled edge provides a smooth surface for over-wrap film preventing LEAKERS during production and transportation.
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Perdue Overwrap Tray


Display your product in Clearly Clean’s crystal clear PET trays.   Make your product the STAR of the package.


Clearly Clean PET trays can immediately replace all Styrofoam trays on high-speed packaging machinery.  You don’t need to change equipment to move to a sustainable tray.  Clearly Clean trays are a plug and play options with benefits.


Clearly Clean PET trays provide superior strength to Styrofoam.   Clearly Clean trays will not break during production or transportation.  High-speed processors will be able to use Clearly Clean PET trays multiple times during production without breaking and without a loss in structural strength.

Available sizes:

Model #: Description: Size in Inches:

0W-03812 3S 6.57 x 8.49 x 0.81  Roll Over-Wrap Tray 03812

0W-03125 3M 6.57 x 8.49 x 1.25 roll over-wrap 03125

0W-03170 3D 6.57 x 8.49 x 1.72  

0W-0317D 3DD 6.57 x 8.49 x 1.72  

0W-11150 11D 7.13 x 11.5 x 1.50