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Pet 1 - BPA FreeClearly Clean Products, LLC is headquartered in South Windsor, CT and has two facilities in Orwigsburg, PA. Our manufacturing facility is AIB Certified.

The Clearly Clean Roll Over-Wrap tray is the world’s first recyclable PET over-wrap food tray that can withstand the packaging and transportation process without damaging over-wrap films.

Clearly Clean has developed a proprietary process to roll over the tray edge.  The rolled over edge provides a smooth surface for the over-wrap film preventing LEAKERS.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) trays are used in order to achieve longer shelf life for foods without the need for preservatives.  Most MAP trays are made from polypropylene.  The recycling symbol on most MAP trays is Number 7.

A MAP tray is constructed to protect the food from natural enemies oxygen and water.  The barrier materials used to protect the food are imbedded in the layers of a MAP tray.

The Clearly Clean MAP tray is made of PET and a proprietary film which provides the appropriate bonding surface for the lidding material and the necessary barrier properties.  Our patented MAP tray is the world’s only recyclable MAP tray because the consumer can peel off the CCP barrier film and recycle the base PET tray.

  • World’s Only Recyclable Overwrap Trays
  • World’s Only Recyclable MAP Trays
  • World’s Only Multi-Peelable Layer Packaging For Food and Retail
  • World’s Only Multi-Peelable Recyclable Barrier Rollstock
  • Engineering Services to Maximize Value of Our Patented Technologies
  • End Of Life Packaging Solutions
AIB certified